19 December 2010

Mobins to Willowdales

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Its been so long since the last times mes wrote in heres.  Many fings habs happened since mes gonna try to remember thems as much as I cans.  Cus lets face it, mes tends to forget stuff.  Hmmmm, wes moved twice.  From Frankfurt to the Ponte Rosa Ranch ans from the Ranch to Willowdales.  Wes lubs Frankfurt but lately it started to get borins, no one was around ans when some meanie lady started sayins bad fings about kids in SL, Mama decided it was time to leave.  FIngs were startins to change there ans it didnt really felt like a community.

Mama started a business withes some of her friends.  The horsie craze was just startins ans she decided to breed and sell horsies.  Wes had a whole homestead which was super pretty and big.  Wes had so much space for playing and beins crazy.  Me ans S we had this HUGE bedroom, but we didnt even knos how to decorate it AND we started to argue lots cus wes were lonely.  SO mes talks to Mama ans said to her that wes unhappeh in that large place.  What wes missed about Frankfurt was that people were passing by ans there used to be a sense of community.  Mes lubed when Mama had her friends over.  Its nice knowins theres peoples around.  What mes didnt like about the Ranch was that some of Mama;s friends lived withes us and they had people ober that wes had no idea who they were ans it was kinda uncomffy, specially if they were doins boice.

So Mama, beins the awesome Mama that she is decided we should moved to a kid friendly place.  Mes knews of two:  Little Wonders ans Willowdale.  We saw Little Wonders ans its super nice, speshallys cus mes school is there, BUT its so expensibs speshallys for the little amount of prims each parcel has.  Ans lets face it:  A home where Mama, Spirit ans mes libs needs to habs lots ans lots of prims.  On the other hand, Willowdale is not so expensib ans each lot has more prims than LW, theres like more stuff to do and theres always peoples around ans most of thems are nice. Theres ushuallys osmefins to do theres ans you meets someone new eberday.  So wes decided for Willowdale.  Mes Mama, beins mes Mama decided one lot wasnt enuff for our prim necessities so she got the lot next door, where she has rezzed this giants Ice Skatins rink and a hot choccy stand.

Practishins for the Winter Olympics of 2020

Wes met many good friends there like Camille, whos our next door neighbor.  She calls mes all the time eben when her mama punishes her for breakins a window withes her soccer ball.  She libs next door withes her mama.  Then theres Emma08 who just lost her parents so shes hangins out withes us while she finds new parents and Miss Mckaylie who lives in the blue house next door.  Her boyfriend is the chief of police of Willowdale so wes always in our best behabiors cus wes dont wanna go to jail.

Aunty Mr Nicky mobs in withes us so she takes care of us when Mama cants.  Mes lubs habins her arounds cus she always gibs us candy, ans choccy ice cream, ans slushies ans lindens.  LOL!

Mes lubs libins at Willowdales, mes lubs the sense of community.  :)

03 October 2010


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Hair: Giselle - Champagne by Truth
Outfit: Sunshine by Candii Kitten
pamela yellow w/ daises
babydoll white w/ daisies top
skirt yellow w/ daisies chain
knee low leggins yellow w/ daisies chain
yellow/white sandals

21 September 2010


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Hair: Giselle - Champagne by Truth
Outfit: Becca by Little Ones Couture
babydoll checkered red/white (no sleeves)
capri jeans
slip on sandals

20 September 2010


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Hair: Cabelo Luna by Sabina Gully
Outfit: Kyia by Four Square
jeweled white top (no sleeves)
white/red flower skit

19 September 2010

The bestestestest day so far!

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When mes woke ups yesterday mornins the first person mes saw was Spirit, mes sissy.  Mes was sooooo happy to see hers!  She tells mes she cant get out of the house and that our house is bigger.  Me walks to mama's room ans is like double the size.  Me goes downstairs to Mr Jogi's room ans mes sees another room next to his that wasnt there before.  The door is now at another place ans our kitchen has dissapeared.  Now we habs a slushie machines, a board game, a mini fridge withes all the drinks yous coulds eber imagines ans littler kitchen.  Hmmms, someone has been busy while mes was sleepins. 

Me sees a man entering our house all of the sudden.  Mes starts screamins.  He goes to the new room next to Mr Jogi's ans sits theres.  Mes goes to his room to confronts hims.  Mes also screams STRANGER DANGER, STRANGER DANGER.  He says he libs there now, that mes mama let him mobe ins.  Mes like, is this a house or a hotel?!?!? S says our house looks now like a mansion, its HUGE!  Mes goes to mes room ans into my little lounge area until Mr Kuti, mama's boyfriend comes.  Mr Kuti explains that Mr Reky, thats his name is a good friend of mama, didnt habs a place to libs so shes imbited hims to mobe in.

We went downstairs ans mes asked Mr Kuti to explain how to play the new board game.  It looks like cheesy but it wasnt workins like a cheesy.  Its kinda similar but instead of mobins your pieces at first withes a 5 is withes a 6 ans each time you get a 6 yous gets ans extra turn.  It was funs but kinda endless.  Mes dont fink it eber ends cus its so easy for someone to eats yous.  Theres no safe spaces!  But it was funs.

Wearins a dirtl @ Oktoberfest
Mama finally cames.  Mes was waitins for her cus that day the doc is takins mes cast off.  This has been the longest week ebers.  Mes pink cast is coolies but it was startins to itch.  Mama saids wes needed to waits for the doctor.  But in the meantime wes were gonna go to the Munich sim to celebrate Oktoberfest!  Mama got mes ans S a tradishonals Germans dress, mes finks its calleds a DIRTL, at least thats what the box said.  The dress was huge but it was pretty ans it was nice.

 Mama called all her friends from Frankfurt to join us.  They part of our disfunshonals fameleh:  Mr Kuti was theres, Mr Reky, Mr Jogi, Lisa, Aunty Mr Nicky ans of course S.  When wes got theres others join us.  Mes wanted to drinks a heini ans a Jagger Bomb but mama says mes too littlers.  GRRRR!! (LOL!)  Wes founds a carrousel ans that was funs.  There were lots of shops!  Mama got us a colorful cuckoo clock.  Its so pretty ans its goins into mes room, cus S cant stand the tic toc.  LOL!  Wes also founds a claw that was funs ans wes found a canon in whch yous could get in it ans it woulds shoots yous.  Since mes already had mes cast on mes wents ahead.  Mes was thrown the farthest!  That was super funs!

Waka Waka: BYE BYE Cast!
After thats, the time hads finally comes, wes were goins to the doctor to get mes cast off.  Eberone went withes mes to the hospital.  Aunty Mr Nicky ended ups beins the ones takins mes cast off.  It was funneh cus rights the moment wes took the cast off wes all started dancins Waka Waka!  LOL!!!  Laters we wents dancins, Spirits joined us cus she hads beens at her Scouts meetin.  Wes danced for a long times eben though she ans mes wes looks likes clouds!  LOL!!!! 

 Finallys wes wents homes ans wes starts playins that board game.  Mama, Mr Kuti, S ans mes.  Mr Jogi, Mr Reky ans Lisa weres also theres.  Agains does that gamne ebers ends?!?!?!  Mes had to gos so mes nebers knew who wons but by the looks of its, mes finks it was S.  Mes always say, the quiets ones are the worse.  Ans S withes her water gun is brattier than mes!  Ans thats an understatesments! (mes learned that word readins the newspaper)
Mes disfunshonals fameleh at game night.
When mes cames back it was time to spend withes Daddy ans Mami at their castler.  It was funs cus theys just mobs ans the finally furnishs the castler.  Daddy ans mami are big kids so theres lots of toys theres, plus mes horsie, Rosita is theres ans mes pink bedroom that is the bestestest room ebers.  Daddy ans mami made it for mes ans mes lubs it.  Mes took out mes lego mat ans wes spend the whole night chattins ans buildins a castler withes mes Legos.  Its was os much funs! 
Mami, Daddy & Mes buildins a castler withes mes Legos.
It was the perfects endins to the funnest day ebers!

11 September 2010

Broke mes leg!!!

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Well, todays mes broke mes leg.  It wasnt mes fault!  Mes wants beins a brat or beins naughty.  Mes was walkins around Frankfurt lookins for mes mama ans this huge car ran mes ober.  Tanksfully it was just mes leg, but mes habs to say mes fut mes was gonna die.

Mama came immediatelys ans Aunty Mr Nicky was mes paramedic.  Timmy TPed ins ans held mes hand ans didnt let that anyfins happens to mes.  He kepts mes awakes, eben though mes weally wanted to sleeps for a bit.

Timmy & Mes withes mes pink cast.
Mes habs to wear a cast for a week.  The cool fing is that it changes colors so mes cant combines withes mes outfits (LOL!)

07 September 2010

Happy Labor Day!!!!

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Today has been a day full of emoshions.  First, mes mama cames back from her holiday.  She was gones for a whole week!  Mes was so happeh to see hers cus mes missed her so muchies.  Mes lubs hearins hers laff. 

Mes, Mama ans The prettiest fairy of all, Spirit!
Thens mes saw mes sissy Spirit mes hadnt seen hers since Friday, way too longs!  Mes was super excited cus mes was officially startins Scouts camp.  Its had started already on Saturday but cus of mes RL mes hadnts been ables to do much.

We had a Dolly gun war then wes took a hike all over the sim while playins our drums ans thens wes weres gonna habs a campins.  We had to build our own fire.  Mes was a bit bored so mes started playins withes the fire of one of the girls there.  After the girl unrezzed it mes started runnins like crazy ans thats when Miss Fairy starts shoutins that she wanted to tawks to mes in front of the Leaders Cabin.  But mes go lost on mes way there, camp is HUGE!  Miss Fairy sent a sim notice tellins mes that if mes wasnt theres in 2 minutes mes was gonna get banned.  FOR EBERONES TO SEE!  It was SOOOO humiliatins!  Mes could beliebs its. 

Mes @ Scouts Camp
Whens mes finallys got theres Miss Fairy said mes was 24 hours banned, mes said mes felt humilliated for that sim notice ans that "mes finks yous needs to learn how to spell!" It seems that really bothered hers.  Boy that bothered her ans mes was 48 hours banned, ans cus mes was so upset mes said, lets make it 72 hours ans thats whens she banned mes for the whole week!  Mes knos, mes knos!  mes knos mes was disrespectful but she really humilliated mes ans agains in 2 sentences she had 6 words mispelleds.  Hewwos mes 4, but not dumbs!

Well she sent a letter sayins mes was banned ans all the reasons whys ans mes sent her a reply which no one has answered mes.  None of the 4 leaders habs ebens IMed mes askins mes what was wrongs which obviously makes mes finks theys dont really care if mes theres or not.  They say mes can comes back at the end of camp to the weekly meeins, but mes sorry, mes not gonna go to a place wheres they dont beliebs in second chances.

Mes upsets, first of all, cus no one tolds mes that mes playins withes the fire was disruptins an scarins the other girls and seconds cus no one cared like to IM mes ans asks mes.  Wells thens PFT~~~  Who needs thems!

But mes finks it was meant to happens all that cus 2 super awesome fings happened tonights.. buts mes tells yous tonorrows.  Mes sweepys...


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