11 September 2010

Broke mes leg!!!

Well, todays mes broke mes leg.  It wasnt mes fault!  Mes wants beins a brat or beins naughty.  Mes was walkins around Frankfurt lookins for mes mama ans this huge car ran mes ober.  Tanksfully it was just mes leg, but mes habs to say mes fut mes was gonna die.

Mama came immediatelys ans Aunty Mr Nicky was mes paramedic.  Timmy TPed ins ans held mes hand ans didnt let that anyfins happens to mes.  He kepts mes awakes, eben though mes weally wanted to sleeps for a bit.

Timmy & Mes withes mes pink cast.
Mes habs to wear a cast for a week.  The cool fing is that it changes colors so mes cant combines withes mes outfits (LOL!)

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