26 August 2010

Lil' Pexie's Bunnies & Turtlelicious Shop

So, mes habs a shop.  Wells, since the day mes mets mes mama mes had tolds hers mes wanted to habs a bunneh shop.  Mes ex sissy Alexi had bunnehs ans mes figured it woulds be a good idea to habs one.  Its woulds bes a great opportunity to spend times withes her ans bond.  Well, 2 weeks after she got mes mes first bunneh she left us (thats a whole differents story).  Of course, bunnehs beins bunnehs began multiplyins.  Ans one day mes wokes ups ans mes had likes 50 bunnehs ans mes had no idea what to do withes thems.

Mama gots mes the space to make a store.  The problem was mes had no idea how to do its.  Today tawkins to mes cuzzie Timmy (mores about hims in future postings) mes discovered he LUBS bunnehs, or bunbuns as he calls thems.  So, mes as mes always bright ideas decided to offers homs a job as mes store manager.  hes to be knowns in Pexie Uniberse as Prince of Bunbums.  Hes super exciteds!!!  mes just hopes withes his knowlege ans entusiasms he cans helps mes get that store finally rollins.

Hes gonna start workins on its.  As soons as wes oficially start, beliebs mes, yous will knos!

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