02 September 2010

Takins a hard decishon...

A few weeks ago, mes had a a bery rebealins conversashon withes mes Aunty/Godmommy Syn ans mes Unkie/Goddaddy Haven.  One of the topics on tha conversashons was mes friend Baby.  She said fings abouts her mes wasnts surprised to hear BUTS mes didnt really wanna beliebs. 

Baby & Mes
Baby was the first friend mes made in SL.  Wes instantly clicks.  She was crazy, always laffins ans taughts mes how to bes a kid in SL.  She tooks mes under her wing.  She woulds always takes cares of mes cus as she said she was 5 ans mes was 4 so that made me the baby.  Shes a bery generous person too, makins sures mes habs eberfins mes needs, makins sures all mes dreams comes true.  Thats the side abouts Baby mes lubs. 

Baby & Mes doins mes first hunt ebers in SL @ Lemondrops Forest
But Baby also habs a side mes dunno likes.  Latelys this the side thats has beens showins mores ans mores.  Shes sayins stuff abouts mes, abouts stuff mes dones to hers or mes makins her feels a certain way whens wes tawks.  Mes really dunnos whats wrongs withes hers.  Shes accussins mes of beins means to her.  She habs been sayins stuff abouts mes when they not truft.  Not only to mes but to our sissy ans bestie Spirit.  Afters the stuff mes founds outs its hard tos decides whats mes gonna dos.  Not habins Baby in mes life is somefins mes fut it wills neber happens cus wes sissys forebers.  Ans whens mes says forebers mes means forebers!  But, ebens withes all that, shoulds mes habs someone likes that in mes life?  Shoulds me always bes a targets of what she says abouts mes?

Da 3 Moskateers: Jess, Baby & Spirit
Mes lubs Baby withes mes life.  Hers, Spirits ans mes wes Da 3 Moskateers.  So yous see, its so hards.  Mes wish fings were differents, mes wishes fings weres likes they weres in da beginnins.  Mes wishes wes coulds go backs.

No mattters the decisions mes maskes mes always gonna lubs her forebers ans ebers.

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