07 September 2010

Happy Labor Day!!!!

Today has been a day full of emoshions.  First, mes mama cames back from her holiday.  She was gones for a whole week!  Mes was so happeh to see hers cus mes missed her so muchies.  Mes lubs hearins hers laff. 

Mes, Mama ans The prettiest fairy of all, Spirit!
Thens mes saw mes sissy Spirit mes hadnt seen hers since Friday, way too longs!  Mes was super excited cus mes was officially startins Scouts camp.  Its had started already on Saturday but cus of mes RL mes hadnts been ables to do much.

We had a Dolly gun war then wes took a hike all over the sim while playins our drums ans thens wes weres gonna habs a campins.  We had to build our own fire.  Mes was a bit bored so mes started playins withes the fire of one of the girls there.  After the girl unrezzed it mes started runnins like crazy ans thats when Miss Fairy starts shoutins that she wanted to tawks to mes in front of the Leaders Cabin.  But mes go lost on mes way there, camp is HUGE!  Miss Fairy sent a sim notice tellins mes that if mes wasnt theres in 2 minutes mes was gonna get banned.  FOR EBERONES TO SEE!  It was SOOOO humiliatins!  Mes could beliebs its. 

Mes @ Scouts Camp
Whens mes finallys got theres Miss Fairy said mes was 24 hours banned, mes said mes felt humilliated for that sim notice ans that "mes finks yous needs to learn how to spell!" It seems that really bothered hers.  Boy that bothered her ans mes was 48 hours banned, ans cus mes was so upset mes said, lets make it 72 hours ans thats whens she banned mes for the whole week!  Mes knos, mes knos!  mes knos mes was disrespectful but she really humilliated mes ans agains in 2 sentences she had 6 words mispelleds.  Hewwos mes 4, but not dumbs!

Well she sent a letter sayins mes was banned ans all the reasons whys ans mes sent her a reply which no one has answered mes.  None of the 4 leaders habs ebens IMed mes askins mes what was wrongs which obviously makes mes finks theys dont really care if mes theres or not.  They say mes can comes back at the end of camp to the weekly meeins, but mes sorry, mes not gonna go to a place wheres they dont beliebs in second chances.

Mes upsets, first of all, cus no one tolds mes that mes playins withes the fire was disruptins an scarins the other girls and seconds cus no one cared like to IM mes ans asks mes.  Wells thens PFT~~~  Who needs thems!

But mes finks it was meant to happens all that cus 2 super awesome fings happened tonights.. buts mes tells yous tonorrows.  Mes sweepys...

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